Minx, (n.) a pert girl, (adj.) saucy; impudent (_minxy_) wrote in metagate,
Minx, (n.) a pert girl, (adj.) saucy; impudent

Sam Carter meta

I posted a longish meta on Sam last week that has turned into some really interesting discussions on particular character points. All are welcome to respond to the post or to comments and discussions within (particularly encouraged as it's getting bigger than what will allow me to easily respond to everything).

Only requests are no hating, no bashing, no using your outdoor's voice. Thanks.

Currently under discussion are: whether Jack is objectified or a genuinely attractive personality for Sam, if she has a tendency to second guess social situations until she stymies herself, the difference between what she thinks she wants and what would actually be a good match for her, whether the soldier or the scientist came first, how she can do both and how her logical need to fix things can lead to an emotional inability to act and whether she can cook.
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